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Thursday, January 20, 2005

HTTP Status 204

This was new to me. The HTTP Response header can use a status code '204 No Content'. This tells the user-agent not to expect any response content, and so to not refresh the current page. For simple interactions where you want to keep the server current on a users selections it looks useful.

Here's some (old but interesting) browser test results. There's apparently some disagreement on whether response content accompanying a 204 is an error, or should just be ignored. The safe bet seems to be to not send any content body.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Telegraphics - Free ICO Format Plugin for Photoshop

After a little stumbling around looking for a way to create my favicon.ico ( has withdrawn the nice service they had there for a while), I came across Telegraphics and this file format plugin. It was reportedly tested for Photoshop 4, but I just dropped it into my Plug-Ins\File Formats folder for Photoshop 7 and it worked just great - just Save As: .ico

When I get back in the office I'll take a closer look at what it actually output in IconFactory, but so far so good in Firefox and windows IE 6.