RoadRunner DNS / OpenDNS

Like a few other people, I couldnt help but notice that RoadRunner monkeyed with their service recently with the result that my day to day internet activity has slowed to a crawl. You know something’s wrong when you go to search on google and get a page saying host not found (and offering all sorts of sponsored links and searches).

Today I reached my bullshit threshold and went looking for a solution. OpenDNS was exactly as simple and successful as promised. I just plugged in the new DNS IPs into my router config and like magic the internet was fast again. They have walkthroughs for configuring lots of OS and router variations and it was utterly painless.

I tried to contact RR support, but they have a voice-driven menu system now which pushed me over the edge and spattered the remnants of any patience I had left as spittle on my screen.