Installing and Using Homesite ActiveScripts

  1. Download (and unzip if required) the script file (and the associated icon if there is one). I've created a directory under the HomeSite 4.5 directory called "Scripts" where I place all this stuff. Whatever works for you - it just need to be on a local drive.
  2. In Homesite (versions 4+) select Options --> Customize.
  3. In the Toolbars tag, select a toolbar from the list which you want to add the button to (I have added a toolbar called "Everyday" for all the tools I use on an everyday basis) and click on the "Add Custom Button +" button.
  4. Select the "Execute an ActiveScript File" option,
  5. Script File: enter the path / browse for the actual script file (e.g. C:\Program Files\HomeSite 4.5\Scripts\loremipsum.js")
  6. If there's an icon to go with it, enter the path to that too, otherwise just add a 2 letter button caption.
  7. The Button Hint will be displayed in a tooltip when you hover over the new button - make that descriptive.
  8. OK. You should see the new button appear on the toolbar you selected.

Most of the scripts use a selection or the current document as their input, get familiar with what it does on some scrap code first.

If you have a problem, encounter a bug (Homesite will open the script file and announce a script error in red in the status bar) please let me know - I can't promise I be able to fix it straightwaway but I would like to know about it:

If you have a request - likewise - drop me a line.