Convert Back & Forward Slashes

Author: sam AT
last modified: July 12, 2001

This is a pair of scripts to convert backslashes to forward slashes and vice-versa. I have both side by side with the button captions:

\/ for backslash to forward slash conversion (FwdSlash.js)

/\ for forward to backslash slash conversion (BckSlash.js)

That's really all there is to it -- select your path or other block of text and hit \/ to convert backslashes to forward slashes; /\ to convert forward slashes to backslashes.
I use this a lot when working with file paths - windows prefers backslashes; perl and pretty much everything else prefers the forward slashes.

For example the path to this file:

There are no prompts - just select and hit the button. You can always undo if you screw up.