Phrase or Usage Translation Notes
Piss Urine, to urinate E.g. "I need to piss"
Pissy Irritable more common in the U.S.
Piss off Go or Leave Can be an imperative (interchangable with F*** off, but milder)
Piss off Irritate, or induce pissyness in another E.g. "That really pissed me off."
Get pissed / Be pissed Become / be innebriated meaningless in this context in the U.S., see below
Get pissed / Be pissed To be or become annoyed, upset meaningless in this context in the U.K.
Piece of Piss An easy thing E.g. "That was a piece of piss."
U.K. only?
Piss around Fool around, waste time
Streak of piss Insult E.g. "you lanky streak of piss"
Piss yellow Light yellow color E.g the web-safe color: #ffffcc
Piss stain Insult
Piss up Drunken evening, drinking session
Piss it down Rain very hard
Wicked pisser (pissah) Really good Seems to be U.S. Boston-area specific. Thanks to Michael C. for this one.