Kelley Update

Kelley Update

Last week the doctor said all was well, and we’d got through the worst. Aidan is now big enough that labor doesn’t pose such a serious risk. Also the contractions have had no effect (her cervix is still fine), and they’ve been getting less frequent, so she can get out of bed, and start to move around a bit.

This improves our lives enormously!

Build Toys to Order

Build Toys to Order

These people will put your face on an action figure, or just build the design you send them - using 3d printers for rapid turnaround.

You have to love that.. what to do though?

Turns out they are seriously backlogged as a result of the article in the new scientist (Sunday, October 15, 2000)

Another Annotation pretender


Write, circle, underline, or just draw on any page. Highlight text, jot comments on “sticky notes,” then click to send to friends, coworkers, or anyone else–they don’t need E-Quill to view the pages you send.

This covers a lot of what I had in mind for my annotation server. And it’s actually pretty good - providing you using a Win32 / IE5.5 set up.

What’s to download? - It drops a little toolbar in the corner (via ActiveX I presume). So what do I have to add to this? Well for one, I want it on my own server, so I can annotate stuff inside the firewall. Some cross browser compatability would be nice. And it looks like fun. I want my own.