Adrian's Nonsense

Adrian’s Nonsense

In a rare attack of circular blogging - or something like that - I have to blog Adrian’s blog. I like his writing and it’s just good to hear from him - one of a few people I really miss from the Bay Area. Work: CSS Work: CSS

Made a start on a CSS section to house some of my work and point at the great work being done by others. Right now there’s the commented backslash hack to isolate and target rules for macIE5, and the overflow:auto partial solution I have that addresses some of the problems seen in that same browser.

Google Catalog Search

Google Catalog Search

Google provides for hours of window shopping. I apparently missed this when it was launched (..its still in beta, that would be why), but they have a huge collection of scanned mail order catalogues here. (my spelling is betraying my roots again…)

See this search result for wood turning tools for an example that revealed a hoard of catalogues I didn’t know existed.