A cheese-inflicted injury

Today I suffered my first injury by cheese. My left thumb aches and has swollen from the cut I received under the nail. It happened like this:

At lunchtime I discovered the office microwave had been the site of a small explosion - probably featuring lasagna - and the debris had since baked on in a uneven patina of tomato red splotches. Not wanting to be a part of the problem in baking it on further (and being an occasional nice-guy,) I set about cleaning it. With a little soapy water and a few minutes to soak most came right off, but some residue on the glass turntable was more stubborn. I flipped the sponge and leaned hard on the scourer. That was when it struck. A flake of cheese, hardened to a vicious point, dug in deep under my thumbnail and drew blood. I was able to complete my task and heat my bean wraps with a clear conscience, but the damage was done and a small piece of history was made.