Rules for Wandering

Rules for Wandering

A subject very close to my heart. I try to make a point of taking regular detours from the most direct route from the day’s A to B. Recently my wandering has been confined (or expanded) to my weekend walks with Aidan. We can only cover a few blocks distance from our house but we have nonetheless stumbled on some finds: a purple castle-themed house with a large gargoyle and occassionally interesting trash for the taking; a sneaky stroller-negotiable shortcut between Lamar and Payne ave.; more interesting trash; several other urban chicken keepers; lots of dogs (arf arf says Aidan) and some nice xeriscaped front yards

My wandering patterns, given the opportunity, would include:

Old industrial neighborhoods, and those little pockets of industry and creativity in older residential areas.

Transition zones between res., light industrial and those big municipal facilities

..and the cafes and bookshops described here.

I feel like the same patterns must apply to online wandering. What are the web/net equivalent of those old neighborhoods - for sure usenet qualifies, whose archives were recently made wonderfully accessible by google. Where else?

These blogs play a part - finding a like minded soul out there can uncover a treasure trove of goodies they’ve collected over the years (ok maybe weeks).

Anyhow, I am inspired. Thank you Steven.