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This and That Blog

In case you (all 0 of you at this point as I’ve not announced or linked this from anywhere) didn’t notice, I’ve enforced a fork in the road that is this blog.

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Biosheres (metamorphosis of planet earth) by Dorion Sagan.

This is the second time round, and I’ve really just picked it back up for something to pick through on Bart to and from work. He takes the Gaia hypothesis (meme?) and suggests that a truly living organism would be capable of reproduction, and that Biosphere II, and all the other self-contained living systems we see are evidence of this. He proposes we are simply agents in this - the Earths reproduction.

What I find difficult about this (and some interpretations of Gaia) is the need for this to be taken literally. As a philosophical statement I’ve no difficulty with it…