Potato Sculpture Action

Potato Sculpture Action

I finished the new truncated icosahedron piece I was making (for a friend… hi Drain and Liz :)

It’s kind of slick.. I have the drying process down now so all the polygons are dense, and polish up to a nice sheen.

If this is all new to you (a potato wha?…) I’d like to point you to my potato sculpture pages for details. Except that they are miserably out of date.

I’ll drop the link anyhow: Sam-I-Am’s Potato Pages

The jointing was better. I dunno how much tighter I want it to be, without it looking kind of dry and manufactured.

Picture a ball about 3” diameter, composed of wood-like hexagons and pentagons.

I also made a little denim cushion for it. Sweet :)